Cryptocurrency: 5 Crypto Myths and Mistakes Beginners Do!!

The cryptocurrency market is fairly new for many aspiring investors . There is always confusion in selecting which cryptocurrency to invest in and how to do it correctly. Since the market is spiked up a sudden raise in the number of investors is seen in recent time.

Well, the crypto deserves all the attention in the world as it is known for giving great returns, however there are a lot of crypto myths and mistakes that beginners make when they first enter the market.

In this article, we are going to discuss some crypto myths and mistakes that beginners make when they enter the cryptocurrency market.

5 Crypto Myths and Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

1.Following the Herd

The crypto market is very volatile. There are new coins launching every now and then, and that is where the trouble begins. Your knowledge is the ultimate power you have, and you should always trust your intuition before listening to someone and following them blindly.

A lot of people just go online, and follow one particular trader’s strategies blindly. That is the biggest mistake one can make while investing . You should build a knowledge base for yourself and then go on with your decision. It is good to take advice, but following anything blindly can result in the loss of your precious savings.

2.Not Doing Proper Research

Well, this sounds as basic as it is. However many investors ignore this very first step and go all in without having much knowledge about the pattern of the crypto they invested in.

People always fall for “get rich overnight” scams. A lot of new people enter the market because they see the monetary value of some coins touching the sky. They think that by investing in some cryptocurrency, they will also get rich overnight. This isn’t the case; even if you look at Bitcoin, it was grossing around very low monetary value in the start and gained its popularity over the last few years only.

Instead of investing in random coins, sit down and conduct proper research, look at the trends and how they are gaining popularity over the years, and then select a cryptocurrency you want to invest in. Remember, it is very hard and rare to be rich just by guessing games. It takes a lot of research to become an expert.

3.Being Afraid of The Market Trend

This is another problem with a lot of people. Even if they do proper research and actually end up investing in cryptocurrency, because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, the values of crypto coins change drastically in a short period of time; they pull out their money and later regret it.

A lot of people choose panic selling of their coins, and they are just too quick to make decisions when it comes to cryptocurrency. We had seen this in the first person; when Bitcoin started to lose its value around January 2018, one of our friends sold all of his Bitcoins, and now he just regrets it.

4.Security Concerns

You see, with gaining popularity, there have been various cyberattacks on cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. This leads to a rising question, are cryptocurrencies secure? Well, let me just end the whole security debate around cryptocurrencies for good.

So the technology behind cryptocurrencies is Blockchain and cryptography, and both are quite immune to cyberattacks and hacking. However, there are also people and crypto wallets involved who are not immune to hacking, and you see examples of that every now and then.

So the bottom line is that cryptocurrencies are very secure on their own, but the wallets used to trade cryptocurrency and people using them are vulnerable to hacking. So all you need to do is pay more attention to the wallet that you use for trading.

5.Not Making Diverse Investments

This is also another very common mistake that people make when they enter the crypto market. They just go all-in on one cryptocurrency, and that is not recommended at all. What you want to do is diversify your investments.

Do a little bit of research on the hot coins that are on the way to gain popularity and select at least three of such coins that you think will gain more popularity over time. Then invest in all of them. In this way, even if one of the coins gains some value, you won’t face a big loss.

So these were some of the myths and mistakes that beginners make when they enter the cryptocurrency landscape. Now, I am also going to provide you with some of the investment strategies so that you can actually make some good profit in the market.


Avoid the mistakes and start investing in crypto , Fortunately a recently launched token called Vync token is grabbing a lot of attention and making its way into the crypto market, this token has its own platform and the demand of the token is increasing day by day as this platform has a lot of services and products that one can buy. I hope this article will help all of you new beginners to avoid mistakes and invest in the right cryptocurrency.